Harrison Perks Program

Harrison Perks Program Overview

Harrison Medical Center Foundation has established a Harrison Perks Program, providing a variety of extra benefits to our staff, physicians and volunteers (badged personnel). To make this possible, area businesses are offering product and/or service price discounts (perks) to the Harrison family (and in some cases their families as well). The intent of these offers is to build mutual support and goodwill between the Medical Center (via the Foundation), businesses in our community, and our employees, physicians and volunteers. Participants in the program are active annual supporters of Harrison Medical Center Foundation.

These perks are special offers granted by the merchants and are in no way a part of wages, bonuses, and benefit packages provided by Harrison Medical Center. All personal purchases must be shipped to the purchaser's address and cannot be shipped to Harrison Medical Center or Harrison Medical Center Foundation.

Additional merchants are added to the program as they become available. If you know of a merchant that may want to be included in our program, or have any feedback or questions regarding this program, please contact the Foundation.


The Harrison Perks Program does not offer any exclusivity to anyone group or organization. This program is intended to be a benefit to our all of our sponsors and donors who meet the above state criteria.

Harrison Medical Center and the Harrison Medical Center Foundation do not warrant nor endorse these businesses or the goods/services offered.